Interesting Finds: Issue #16

Reindeer Eyes, Zoom Quilts, David Chang and Growth Hacking your Album on Spotify

Each week, I curate the most curious content I find, and add a spotlight on portions I find most interesting.

This week is about Reindeer Eyes, Zoom Quilts, David Chang and Growth Hacking your Album on Spotify.

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Who Is Susan?

Thanks for the laugh Myrah 😂

Zoom Quilt

Sometimes you come across things online that totally mesmerize you unexpectedly. This is one of those projects, and no, it has nothing to do with Zoom video-conferencing.

A project by some independent illustrators created this “infinitely zoomed painting” called ZoomQuilt in 2004. This then inspired ZoomQuilt2 in 2007 and Arkadia in 2015. Each of them are absolute works of art and ridiculously addictive to stare at.

Ok, Let’s Get Creative

In a fit of creative growth hacking genius, a musician released an album on spotify called “Ok Google Play Music” with each song being titled a Google Assistant command. For example, it features tracks named “Hey Google Play Christmas Music” and “Hey Google Play Instrumental Music”.

I have no idea if this hack works to hijack people’s spotify playback, but it’s a genius attempt nonetheless. If you have a Google Home in your house, let me know if this is as infuriating as it seems.

Reindeers: More Than Meets The Eye

Being the holiday season, Reindeers are on my mind (and my children’s). Courtesy of the Smithsonian Magazine, I learned that Reindeer eyes change colors to match the season which helps make them more or less sensitive to light.

By default, their eyes are gold in color but in the winter, they turn blue which makes them see better in the dark due to the scattering of light on the retina. Their golden summer eyes reflect 95% of the light out of the eye, whereas in the winter, their eyes only reflect 40%.

COVID-19 vs Candle Sales

Scented candles are another victim to COVID-19. According to Kate Petrova on Twitter, there is a relationship between the rise of COVID-10 infections and negative reviews of scented candles on Amazon:

David Chang

David Chang is a Chef and Restaurateur famous for his Momofuku restaurants and more recently, his Netflix series Ugly Delicious (which I highly recommend).

He recently made headlines this past week because he became the first celebrity to win a million dollars on the gameshow “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Watch it here:

Other Interesting Finds 🔎

  • 🤓 Nice nerdy article on why the new Apple M1 chip is so fast

  • 😷 Watch what a sneeze looks like in ultra slow motion and 4k

  • 🎬 Warner Bros will make it’s 2021 movies available on HBO Max including The Matrix 4 and Dune. Just don’t think you watch Wonder Woman 1984 for free sneakily with a free trial since they are eliminating their trials.

  • 🦶 Does Fist of Fury have the best fight scene in the history of movies?